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6 Social Media Post Ideas that Aren't Before-and-After Shots

Images of a finished work site or permed head of hair are great for showcasing your skills; but if that's all you post on socials it can get pretty boring after a while. In fact, anything of the same gets boring after a while! Don't get me wrong there's nothing bad about uploading a picture of a job well done - at least your posting something, but mixing up your content will keep your followers engaged and will allow you to showcase your business in exciting new ways.

Having a captivating content strategy is key to creating an engaging user experience for visitors of your social media page or website. It tells people a lot about your business; not only about the great work that you do, but the passion you have for your business and the outside-the-square personality that you and your team have. This then flows onto building rapport with visitors and enhancing your brand image in the market.

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." - Maya Angelou

Before we jump into things, an important thing to remember is frequency. You may be asking 'how many times should I post on social media per week?'. The real answer is that there is no easy answer, you should post as much as your content plan allows you to. You want to add value to your audience, not just boring noise.

That probably wasn't the answer you were looking for though; so it's recommended you aim to make 3-5 posts per week. Anyway, here are 6 content ideas to show your customers that you're well stocked in the creativity department.

1. Piece to camera

Piece to camera content is created when someone looks down the barrel of the camera and speaks directly to the audience. Now this sounds daunting at first, but I bet their are literally thousands of topics you could talk about to your followers. It may involve a few hundred takes at first (seriously, it happens), but as long as you are talking informatively and passionately, your audience be interested, engaged, and trust the things you say.

2. Behind the scenes

Taking a step away from the serious side of business, capturing candid images or videos of your team on the job is bound to generate some entertaining viewing. Not only does it give your followers a more intimate look into who your team really are, it gives great insight into how you go about your business and the passion you have for your work.

3. Video walk-throughs

Posting a video tour of your place of business or a completed project is a combination of the two points above, and it has the same benefits as an outcome. Talking to the how-and-why of something through video can often be a lot easier than trying to write a bunch of copy and take good still images. By physically walking through a location, you are taking viewers on a journey with many sights along the way, and bringing them to a destination where they have just learnt more about you and your business than ever before.

4. Client interviews

You've heard the term 'straight from the horses* mouth', well there is no better way to earn credibility for your business than having customers vouch for you after a job well done. Presenting an engaging case study investigating the problem or need a customer had, and how your product or service exceeded expectations is great testimonial content which goes a long way to generate new leads and sales.

*Please don't call your customers horses.

5. How to/Instructional Videos

Don't keep your secrets to yourself! Sharing your expertise and teaching your audience more about what you do shows that unlike a lot of people; you know what you're talking about! Teaching your followers how to do something themselves shows off your own skills and knowledge- the difference is that you have the experience and tools of the trade to get the job done right.

6. Time lapses

Time lapses are awesome. They just are. Showing a project coming to life is such engaging content, and the snackable format of the time-lapse means your audience gets a quick insight into how you operate. Not only that, it's also easy video content. Leave your phone in a spot with good visibility, use time lapse mode, and post! Buzzsumo says that "Video posts get at least 59% more engagement than other post types", so if you want to increase your reach and engagement, time lapses are a great way to do it.

Organic posts on social media are hugely important in providing value for your audience. The key is creating and delivering content that is interesting, exciting and engaging! If you want to build your following, increase your organic reach, drive likes, comments, and shares, and most importantly grow your business, a captivating content strategy will go a long way to helping you achieve these goals.

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