GET ONE is a merchandise eStore, specialising in dropshipping for sports clubs and businesses, and it was created by the same young dude who created Emergence Digital, who would've figured.

This young dude - who is a lover and player of local sport - knew that members are the lifeblood of any sports club’s success. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, sports clubs were experiencing a massive reduction in income, a by-product of which meant their seasons were either cancelled (such as in the EFNL) or shortened (eg. AFL Outer East). The pandemic meant clubs were in desperate need of a cash injection, as well as the need to clear stale merchandise stock that had been ordered for the not-known-to-be cancelled season.

Enter GET ONE.

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Aside from the desire to help local sports clubs, GET ONE's creator remembered all the times he wanted to buy a hoodie from the footy club, and having to chat to the at least 3 people before being pointed to the right person to help. He also remembered having to go get cash to pay for it, going to the dirty apparel cupboard, and then finding a bunch of other merch he had no idea existed.

It was this experience that birthed GET ONE. If a merchandise e-store had have existed, he could've seen all the merch on offer, placed his order then and there via secure online payment, and have the merch either delivered or prepared for click and collect.

For the footy club, it also would've meant an automated selling, delivering and book-keeping process, saving hours out of volunteers Saturdays. All the orders would have been in one place, no players would say "can I pay you later for that", and other merchandise could have been sold because people actually knew that it existed.

Anyway; after getting angry at these hypothetical existed, GET ONE was finally launched for the Woori Yallock FNC in the AFL Outer East. In the first night of having a store, they had over $750 of sales from all over the country. Players who had family living interstate, or ex-members who had moved in recent years also were able to buy apparel that would've been an absolute nightmare to organise without this e-store.

With more football-netball clubs in the pipeline to join GET ONE, the hope is to expand the e-store to other sports such soccer, cricket, basketball and more; even to local businesses and tradies. I just want to help people GET ONE.

You can visit GET ONE here:

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