Customs Carpentry is a local, trustworthy and hardworking team of carpenters, with standout quality in finishes and craftsmanship delivering a fulfilling customer experience.

Emergence Digital worked with business owner Scott Evans to create a website that represented the Customs Carpentry brand in a way that replicated the clean, modern and stylish quality of their work.

To create an engaging visitor experience while also focusing on achieving the goals of the site, we concentrated on 3 main characteristics of the site; aesthetic, USP's and search-ability.

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For the site we chose a colour palette focused on quality materials and craftsmanship, two staples of the Customs Carpentry brand. This is why the site is rich in timber-yellows and concrete-greys.

We also used all-original imagery of recent completed works giving a great snapshot of the people and projects of Customs Carpentry.

Unique Selling Points (USPs):

The 'about' section of the site is key to telling the Customs Carpentry story; who they are, how long they’ve been around for, and why they do what they do. Here we also include the qualifications and certifications the business has here to build credibility.
The 'services' section speaks for itself, by showcasing the teams wide-ranging offering and skills, it is a great example of the versatility and expertise of the team. This would generate inspiration amongst visitors to choose Customs Carpentry for their next project.


The 'location' section of the site is not to show users where Customs Carpentry works – the main reason is for search optimisation. By having separate location pages focusing on where their audiences is located, the site generates location-based search results on Google. For example if someone searches carpenters Lilydale, or carpenters Bayswater, Customs Carpentry will appear in a dynamic fashion – the visitors in Lilydale will see the Lilydale page, and the Bayswater visitors will see the Bayswater page.

This creates a more engaging user journey and will be a great way to drive enquiries.

You can visit Customs Carpentry's site here:

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