A Hairstylist Secret’s stylish and glamorous hair salon is popular among brides and festival-goers from Melbournes eastern suburbs for the elegant and playful hair styles created inside.

Emergence Digital and business owner Darian Brazier envisioned a website that made taking bookings as easy as a Rope Braid Ponytail, and made the salon look as elegant as a Romantic Low Chignon.

What resulted was a playful yet professional hub for Dee to conduct her work. Visitors could enquire about bookings, browse eco-friendly hair care products from Davines, and check out the latest styles and advice from the famous @ahairstylistsecret instagram page.

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For the site we chose a colour palette features the iconic pastel pink of the A Hairstylist Secret logo, combined with a gold and tan colour pertinent to hair, as well as neutral shades to compliment the playful colours.

We also used all-original imagery of hair styles straight from Instagram to giving a great snapshot of the clientele and skill of A Hairstylist Secret.


Every aspect of the page was meticulously planned and designed to create an engaging user experience.

The 'bookings' section allows Daran to capture all the information she needs to properly organise a styling session, as well as making it easy for visitors to get that ball rolling for their event.

The 'shop' section showcases all the eco-friendly and sustainable products sold in-studio, as well as allowing visitors to enquire about products online by creating a cart and placing the order over email.

The 'about' section tells visitors who Darian is and why she loves her job, as well as a sneak peak of her Yarra Glen studio.


A great asset of A Hairstylist Secret is the desire to share knowledge and inspire visitors to create their own hairstyles for an upcoming event. This is done through a 'gallery' section which shows the latest and best work from inside the salon. Another way this is done is through a series of how-to vlogs from Darian with tips and tricks ranging from hair care to styling.

You can see it all by checking out A Hairstylist Secret's site here: ahairstylistsecret.com.au

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